10 Ways To Enjoy Cheese Like Never Before

Cheese makes everything better, right? Take the plainest piece of bread, melt any type of cheese over it and Poof! It becomes a culinary masterpiece.

The beauty of cheese is that you don’t have to do anything special or complicated with it, and it goes well with practically everything. My favorite way to enjoy cheese is with a cup of instant noodles. I know what you must be thinking, that it’s weird as hell. The fellas over at BuzzFeed have put together a great list of offbeat things you can do with cheese, which you can find right here

Here are even more ideas of what you can do with all that cheese! Just click on the picture sources for full recipes if you want to try them out (just note that some are only available in eateries, so you might want to head on out for a sampling of these).

1.Sprinkle It Over Banana Fritters

via The Star Malaysia

2. Mash It Up With Pepper And Herb

via Better Homes and Garden

3. Enjoy It In A Multi-Colored Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Also Called A Unicorn Melt)

via Chomp Eatery @ Instagram

4.  Smoke Some Cheddar Grits with Heirloom Tomatoes

via Oh My Veggies

5. Savor Melted Raclette Over A Bed Of Veggies

via ju_sbn @ Instagram

6. Mix Polenta With White Cheddar For A Mushy Cheesy Twist

via Williams Sonoma

7. Bake Cheddar Into Some Shortbread

via Martha Stewart

8. Stuff Mac And Cheese Into Peppers

via Half Baked Harvest

9. Bake A Block Of Brie After Adding Some Cranberry Relish

via Reluctant Entertainer

10. Mix Pimiento Cheese With Egg Yolks For Out Of This World Deviled Eggs

via My Recipes

Featured image via Travallal at Flickr/ CC BY-ND 2.0