Chicago Restaurant Has a Chocolate Cake Milkshake and We’re All Going to Chicago Now

Good news for all chocolate lovers. Are you all ready to go to Chicago to have a taste of their famous chocolate cake and milkshake that everybody’s talking and craving about? Brace yourself to satisfy your cravings.

And this is it, and the most talked-about restaurant the Portillo’s, known across the country for its savory hotdogs and french fries, founded by Dick Portillo on April 9, 1963, in Villa Park, Illinois, under the name The Hotdog House. But Portillo’s around Summit, Illinois, is best known as the sweetest place to go. And your guess is right because of the kept secret of the restaurant’s cake and a milkshake. Kara Crones, who has been with Portillos for nine years and has been making the cakes.

The cake mix starts with the dry ingredients, and rumor has it that they mix mayonnaise to make it moist. But of course, Kara would not reveal the secret of this chocolaty decadent. When it comes out of the oven, just a little pop and tap and flip to cool it, then we are ready for the frostings. A pound of frostings on the first layer and another pound for the second to cover the whole cake.

Now, are you ready for the milkshake? Grab a cup and put a little bit of shake mix like vanilla ice cream and add the whole slice of cake into the cup. Yes, an entire slice, then give it a bit of a shake, then voila! We have a shake. The best part of the shake is when you sip it comes bits and chunks of the chocolate cake. This is a perfect guilty pleasure to wanting more, forget about the sinfulness because it is amazingly delicious.

This famous Chicago’s chocolate cake and cake shake will definitely blow your mind!