The 10 Best Recipe Websites And Recipe Blogs On The Internet In 2020

There are so many great recipe websites online that it’s difficult to narrow down the very best recipe websites or recipe blog. However, try we did, and we found a way to narrow it down scientifically (and not just our opinion of what WE think are the best recipe websites).

According to eBizMBA Rank, a continuously updated Alexa ranking website, these are the top 10 best recipe websites online. 

All Recipes, the O.G. of the Best Recipe Websites List

All Recipes logo best cooking websites

OK, we confess. Calling All Recipes the best recipe blog on this list of best recipe websites is just our opinion. However, we think it’s one of the best recipe websites on the internet because of its backstory. has a lot of great features, and these alone would earn it a mention on one of the best recipe websites on the internet. They have an app, dedicated Pinterest account, YouTube channel, and print magazine.

Many of the other best recipe websites on this list also have all of those features. However, AllRecipes is unique. Although branded as a “food-focused online social networking service,” AllRecipes has an interesting beginning. Three University of Washington archaeology graduate students founded the site after one of them had trouble finding his favorite cookie recipe on the internet.

AllRecipes started out as

Interestingly, they originally named the site After launching 38 different domains that included things like,, etc…the young men consolidated all of them into

Alas, they later sold their empire to Reader’s Digest in 2006 for a cool $66 million. Then, Reader’s Digest sold it to the Meredith Corporation in 2012 for $175 million

Recipes from Food Network

Food Network best recipe blogs 2020

It’s impossible to pull together a list of the best recipe websites on the internet and not include Food Network.

The Food Network began as an American pay television channel whose parent company is Discovery Inc.

Recipe Blog: Genius Kitchen logo best health food websites

If you type into your search engine’s address bar, you get redirected to

A social networking service like AllRecipes, Genius Kitchen launched in September 2017. However, it was originally RecipeZaar, which was founded in 1999 by two ex-Microsoft technologists.

Like Food Network, Genius Kitchen operates under Discovery Inc. We love Genius Kitchen because it has lots of great blog articles that are huge lists of recipes and meal ideas. “54 Best Soup Recipes,” for example, is one of their most recent.

The Kitchn

The Kitchn best recipes blogs and websites
The Kitchn

The quirkily named site The Kitchn is owned by AT Media, which also owns Apartment Therapy (an awesome site, BTW). In 2005, the same two people who founded Apartment Therapy founded The Kitchn.


Yumnly health food websites and blogs

Yummly dubs itself “your smart cooking sidekick.” From their About page:

Yummly’s proprietary Food Genome and patent-pending Food Intelligence technology allow us to understand recipes at a deeper level, and recommend recipes to our users based on their diets, allergies, tastes, and more.


chow hound healthy food websites is about more than recipes. Their blog explores various food-themed issues. For example, a recent post is “The Dos and Don’ts of Friendsgiving, According to Friends.”

CBS Interactive owns Chow.

Epicurious’s Recipe Blog

Epicurious recipe blog for healthy recipes

From their Epicurious about page:

Epicurious is a digital brand for consumers interested in food and cooking-related topics. The website was created by Condé Nast in 1995 and is now part of the publisher’s Food Innovation Group

Simply Recipes, the Second-Best Recipes Blog on our Best Recipes Websites List


Simply Recipes is “obsessed with creating scratch cooking recipes that you will love.” In fact, the site was founded by Elise Bauer in 2003 to keep track of the great recipes she was learning to cook from her parents.

Bauer’s work experience included being a busy Silicon Valley executive until she became ill. Then, she moved in with her parents and began learning to cook.

Some Simply Recipes history

The company that started in 2003 in Elise’s parents’ kitchen has grown to reach millions of site visitors every month! When we started, there were only a handful of food blogs and websites sharing recipes online. Our goal was (and still is) to encourage people to cook at home, and to make the process of feeding your family and loved ones less intimidating and more enjoyable.

In 2016, after 13 years of running Simply Recipes solo, Elise decided she wanted to work with a team and collaborate with others as devoted as she is to high quality, accessible, home cooking. Simply Recipes joined forces with Fexy Media, a Seattle-based media company that also owns Serious Eats and Road Food. (See the announcement.)

Well, Simply Recipes gets a special place in our hearts and our list of best recipe websites because of its homespun beginnings.

Best of the Healthy Foods Websites: Cooking Light

Cooking Light healthy food websites
Cooking Light

Cooking Light is the only site on this list of best recipe websites that is strictly categorized in healthy food websites. In short, Cooking Light is all about cooking delicious meals with fewer calories.

Healthy eating website Cooking Light started as a print magazine and the Meredith Corporation owns it.

Betty Crocker: One of the Best Recipe Websites

Betty Crocker best recipe websites 2020

Most food brands have tried to become one of the best recipe websites on the internet, but few of them have done it as well as Betty Crocker. Their secret seems to be that not all of their recipes demand products from their brands.

Let us know what you think are the best recipe websites and best recipe blogs!

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