They Really Ate That? Unbelievable Retro Recipes (VIDEO)

Thanks to the internet, everything old is new again. You can find clothing styles from any decade, read literature that was written centuries ago, and even try some vintage recipes.

While there might be some retro recipes worth trying, the following seven should be left in the past. It appears as though casseroles were a big hit. Unlike normal recipes that usually include ingredients that compliment each other, these are just random ingredients thrown in together.

There’s a lot of SPAM. We don’t mean the internet kind, either.

1. SPAM ‘N’ Cheese Ribbon Loaf

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

2. SPAM ‘N’ Corn Casserole

Source: Canned Treats

3. SPAM Fiesta Peach Cups

All of us have thought about dumping a can of corn onto our pizza

4. Corn And Wiener Roast

Franfurters swimming in a sea of mustard and creamed corn, then topped off with delicious cheddar cheese. Who needs a bun when you have all of that surrounding your hot dog?

Source: Dr. Bobb’s Kitschen

5. Super Supper Salad Loaf

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

6. Stuffed Frankfurters

7. Tuna Fish Mold

Watch this video for even more weird recipes from yore.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter