100 Artists Hand-Painted This Movie About Van Gogh (VIDEO)

This is the first fully painted feature film in the world.

From Huffington Post:

A biopic about Van Gogh’s tumultuous life and mysterious death entitled “Loving Vincent“ is currently in the works, and the film will be made entirely of animated paintings in the swirling style of van Gogh’s canvases. The trailer above shows a taste of the stunning intensity of paint brought to life.

Directed by Polish painter Dorota KIobiela and filmaker Hugh Weldchman, Loving Vincent is told through images and characters that were brought to live by van Gogh: the starfry nights, snow-covered fields, and gloomy absinthe drinkers. Oh, and overworked postmen (mail workers, we call them today).

From HuffPo:

There are over 120 of van Gogh’s iconic paintings folded into the narrative, their inherent buzz of motion translating to literal movement thanks to the painstaking, hand-painted animation. The plot was woven together from 800 letters written by the artist himself, and features dramatic reconstructions of the events leading to his death.

Here is a video showing how this amazing movie was made.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube