12 Websites To Help You Take Your Netflix And Chill To The Next Level

It’s the weekend! Enjoy.

1. cinesift.com

Sift through movies based on whatever ratings you’re looking for. Big fun? Find the absolute WORST movie you can find and watch it with friends for kicks.

2. Flicksurfer.com

This site basically does what cinesift does.

3. netflixroulette.net

Don’t know what to watch? Let the roulette wheel decide!

4. flixsearch.io

Explore the awesomeness of movies from other countries.

5. whatsnewonnetflix.com

Don’t keep refreshing the Netflix homepage! This site will keep you up to date.

6. leanflix.com

Another site to filter movies based on best selection.

7. agoodmovietowatch.com

Movies you’ve never heard about but that have really high ratings. WTF, but OK, I’m in!

8. datenightmovies.com

Your date picks a movie, you pick a movie – and voila, out comes  movie you’ll both enjoy. Totally doing this with my significant other. Tonight.

9. cringemdb.com

Find movies you’d never watch with your parents………..

10. reelscary.com

Just what it says. Find the scariest movies.

11. doesthedogdie.com

You can actually choose movies that don’t have sad pet deaths in them. Are we all still traumatized by Old Yeller?

12. netflixcodes.me

Every secret code category available on Netflix.

h/t to Johnny Lists