17 Incredibly Unique Gifts For Feminists

While there are plenty of mugs and shirts you can get for the feminist in your life, we scoured the web to find some truly unique ones that’ll stand out. From a progressive magazine to earrings that tell it like it is in a feminine way, here are 17 gifts that’ll make you say ‘Screw the patriarchy!’

  1. A Subscription to Bitch Magazine

Bitch magazine has been promoting feminism for over two decades. Their quarterly magazine showcases feminists who are making waves, pop culture, and artwork. A perfect read for the feminist in your life.

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

2. Rad American Women A-Z Book

While this is geared towards kids, it would also make a great coffee table book for any feminist. Short bios and illustrations of rad American women.

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3. Screw the Patriarchy Pillow

The perfect throw pillow to remind guests that your home is patriarchy-free.

Source: Look Human

4. Feminist Playing Cards

Remind your fellow poker players that women can kick some serious ass.

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Art Poster

She’s pretty much our only hope for the Supreme Court right now.

Source: Etsy

6. Vagina Calendar 

Contrary to what the patriarchy thinks, the vagina is one tough body part. Show it some respect with this calendar.

Source: Etsy

7. Boss Babes Coloring Book

Coloring is relaxing for adults, too. So why not color in some female super heros?

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

8. Don’t Tell Me To Smile Shirt

Can you imagine how men would react if we told them to smile?

Source: Etsy

9. Smash the Patriarchy Project Book

De-stress from dealing with the patriarchy with some crafts designed to bring it down.

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10. Nasty Woman Necklace 

Our president meant it as an insult, so women everywhere turned it into a form of empowerment.

Source: Etsy

11. Gift Set of Bitch Magazines

If you’re unsure about that gift subscription to Bitch magazine, their site also has bundles of issues you can give. There are three sets to choose from.

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

12. Carrie Brownstein Book

She’s more than just one half of the outrageously funny show Portlandia. Carrie Brownstein is also a hardcore feminist who loves to challenge the patriarchy.

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

13. Tina Belcher Stickers

Her fascination of butts aside, Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers is quite the young feminist.

Source: Red Bubble

14. Feminist Activity Book

Take down the patriarchy with more arts and crafts. Just look at all that red.

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

15. Temporary Feminist Tattoos

Going to a feminist march or just to walk your dog? Slap these on your shoulder before you head out.

Source: Etsy

16. Cats Not Cat Calls Beanie

Own that cat lady stereotype while shutting down cat callers, because we’re tired of the harassment.

Source: Etsy

17. My Body My Choice Earrings

Let everyone know that you believe women should always have complete control over their own body.

Source: Etsy

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