21 Horror Movies You Can Watch In Less Than 20 Minutes

In the mood for some real terror? Here are some underrated short horror movies that will keep you from sleeping and chill you to the bone even when you’ve got a little time to spare.

Do you dare to watch with the lights off?

1. The Cop Cam

A call at an abandoned house leads a police officer to discover a horrifying secret.

2. Bedfellows

You know, a call in the middle of the night can never mean something good is coming up.

3. The Moonlight Man

What would you do if you saw a strange figure standing in the darkness while walking to your car in the middle of the night?

4. Night Night Nancy

Because being watched while you sleep by a stranger is definitely everyone’s nightmare.

5. Mr. Creak

Creepy messages at an abandoned toy house cannot be good, right Mr. Creak?

6. Clickbait

Be careful what you click on while surfing the internet darling.

7. Passenger

Quiet roads in the middle of the night… not the smartest idea if you wanna play safe.

8.  Attic Panic

Every story out there has taught us to stay away from attics, but apparently, this lady didn’t get the message. Terrifying.

9. Occupied

I ain’t taking bathroom breaks anymore, especially when working late.

10. Smile

The thing is, there is nothing to smile about when you are being followed by a creepy set of white teeth.

11.  Unknown Number

Technology can really be our worst enemy.

12. I Heard It Too

Are you sure mommy is the one calling?  *Turns the volume down*

12. Blackout

There are worst things than a hangover, I guess.

13. Monophobia

Prepare to live everything you are scared of while being left alone.

14. Rake

This is exactly why I don’t go camping.

15. Charlie

Someone is about to hurt you pretty bad, and it has nothing to do with biting fingers.

16. The Terrorist

When horror gets too real.

17. Don’t Look Away

You will never look out your window again.

18. Vicious

When your home is the less safe place on earth. Yeah, scary.

19. Victim

Based on the Slender Man legend, a creepy slender figure who likes luring children into the woods.

20. Downstairs

You had only one rule: Don’t go downstairs. Seriously.

21. The Whistle

Nothing good comes out of hearing a whistle in the middle of the night, alone.


*Turns on every light*

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