25 Photos That Prove Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Science has always tried to back up the fact that women have a longer life expectancy than men – *cough, cough* something about stronger immune systems and healthier life choices…

But let’s be honest, we don’t really need science to know the real reason why women live longer than men, and we got ’em facts:

1. Can’t see how this could go wrong

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2. This NBA pro

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3. Wrong tool for the job

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4.The irony here will be the death of him

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5. Or Mr. Smarty Pants

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6. Creative, yet…

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7.What could possibly go wrong?

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8. Kind of saw that coming

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9. This master at ignoring signs

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10. Apparently, one size does fit all

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11. Is that how they do flu shots now?

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12. Trust me man, I know what I am doing!

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13. Smart move, dude

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15. What were these two thinking?


16. “Got your back” taken way too literally

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17. I mean…

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18. Maybe, don’t try this at home kids

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19. Priorities

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20. That does not look safe at all

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21. The gold goes to…

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22. I’ve seen some smarter choices

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23. True friendship, right?

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24. My heart just stopped for a little bit

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25. Well, wonder how that ended up

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Living on a prayer, right guys?

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