5 Amazing Underground Houses You’ll Wish Were Yours

Incorporated underground, these eco-friendly houses are what you need in your life. These houses are cheap, almost free to heat during cold season and to cool during summer.

Take a look at these five amazing underground houses that you’ll wish you lived in.

1. Malator in Druidstone, Wales

Source: Loweswatercam

Dubbed as the Teletubby house, this contemporary eco-friendly underground house is considered one of Wales’ architectural masterpieces.

Source: Loweswatercam

The entrance into this amazing house is the little-inverted triangle door in the first photo. However, do not underestimate the size and the fact that you are going underground; the view as you enter will surprise you. The other side of the modern pod is a full view of the outside surroundings through glass panels.


2. Hidden House in Lower Silesia, Poland

Source: Oddee

This all-glass white house is underground but the stairs above are not the entrance to the house. In fact, it is the residents’ access to the grassy part upstairs that only they can use.


3. The Underground House, Great Ormside, Cumbria, England

Source: Oddee

Just when you thought you are only enjoying the view. You’ll be surprised to know that those aren’t solar panels. They are actually windows of an underground house in England.

Source: Visit Cumbria

The house’s architect utilized the slopes in the area and made use of natural light and ventilation by having the house burrow backward into a rock.


4. Stone Desert Home in Greece

Source: Dornob

This underground house in Greece is a perfect example of a stunning balance between artificial dwelling and natural landscape.

Source: Dornob

The rectangular house is half-buried with the roof utilizing the green environment. This simple box-type house made use of the natural light and ventilation in a simple yet effective manner.


5. Hobbit Home in Vals, Switzerland

Source: Treehugger

Even if you are a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan, you will forget Bilbo and Frodo’s cute hobbit houses when you see this incredibly designed underground house in Switzerland.

This house was designed by SeArch and Christian Muller Architects. Their concept was to have an adaptable house without blocking any view in the area. Vals is home to incredible views and is a thermal house.


Image via: Loweswatercam