5 Hilarious Signs That Make You Scream ‘You Had ONE JOB!’

There are some people in this world that don’t think things through. Maybe they spend too much time attempting to be clever. Maybe they spend too much time trying to make it aesthetically pleasing. Maybe they even admit to daydreaming on the job, only to come to and realize they royally screwed up.

The point is: they only had one job.


This list isn’t really a list of signs gone wrong. This is a list of people who lost their jobs.

God Is… What? (via Imgur)

I Don’t Even Know What They Actually Meant (via West Virginia Surf Report)

You Had One Job! (via Express)

No, Thanks (via Ultra-Gross)

Light Bulbs, People! (via Ranker)

There you have it! Five people fired over the last decade for botching the one thing they were asked to do.

My favorite part is pouring over reasons as to why the job got botched.

At any rate, it’s a good thing they don’t have to sign their work (all the puns intended). I mean, could you imagine the humiliation of having to admit to these!?

Why, the internet would have an absolute heyday.


Featured image courtesy of Jehovah’s Witness Discussion Forum.