5 Online Quizzes That May Help You Find Your Niche

Inspiration is often found in odd places, from my experience. Your life’s purpose can be found through a chance meeting, or perhaps online. That’s why I feel that personality quizzes have some merit to them. They aren’t the most reliable way of finding yourself, but maybe they can be of some use. Here are a few quizzes I’ve found that might be able to help you find your way in life.

Tina Su’s 15 Questions

Via MakeUseOf

Got a few minutes? Jot down your answers to Tina Su’s 15 questions. They’re all personal questions about yourself, what makes you happy, what you believe in, and what you’re good at. You can also write down your own personal mission statement based on your answers to these questions. Overall, Tina Su has a way of helping you find yourself.

Passion Profile Quiz

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Don’t have a lot of time on your hands? This quiz is only ten questions long. The questions are about you and how you perform in at work, and how you answer each of these questions determines what category of person the quiz puts you in. You can be a firestarter, a tribe member, a side hustler, or a thriver. I’m a thriver – what about you?

WTF Should I Do With My Life?

Via WTF Should I Do With My Life?

Okay, this one’s kind of silly, but it might help if you use the process of elimination! This site skips the quiz part and just tells you what you should do. Thankfully, the “hell no” option is there if you want a new opportunity. I don’t think I’m cut out for reality TV.

Jess Henslop’s 30 Questions

Via MakeUseOf

If you’ve got some time, this is sort of a longer and more in-depth version of the Tina Su quiz. The questions ask you about yourself and what things you are passionate about. After taking the quiz, you might notice a pattern in your answers. That pattern would likely be your passion in life. Whenever you get the time, take this quiz and learn more about yourself.

O*Net Interest Profiler

Via MakeUseOf

Don’t take this one unless you have plenty of time to spare – there are 60 questions. The O*Net Interest Profiler is a completely career-oriented quiz that asks you what kind of work you would find appealing or unappealing. At the end, it will give you suggestions on what kinds of careers you could explore based on your answers. It also gives you six different categories for your skills: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. I was mostly conventional – which one were you?

If you want more quizzes like these, check out this article by MakeUseOf.


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