5 Reasons To Throw A Party

There’s nothing worse than succumbing to that mid-winter slump, but what can you do? The beach is closed, the snow is settling in, and you’ve been bundled up in sweatpants for the last couple of months. What’s the solution? Throw a party. You don’t have to plan a rager but it will mix things up in the best kind of way. Here are five reasons to throw a party this month.

Long Time No See

It’s been forever since you got together with friends. Your schedules are hectic and when you do have free time you just want to spend it watching Netflix. This is the perfect excuse to reconnect with old friends. This will also bring your circle of friends closer because you’re all in one place at the same time.

Image via Pixabay

You Don’t Have To Break The Bank

Some people think you have to spend a boatload to plan a party but that’s wildly untrue. A few simple decorations can go a long way. My advice is to check out the Dollar Tree. Food can be pricey but you don’t need a three-course meal. Some fun appetizers are plenty. You can also ask guests to bring a covered dish or bottle of wine.

Themes Are Fun For Everyone

It’s been awhile since you’ve dressed up or even had a little fun. Pick a theme for your party. This will get people excited to come and hang out. Themed decorations can go a long way and encourage people to come over. Plus it’s something different.

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It’s Fun

Getting dressed up, decorating, and planning the music is something to look forward to. You can dance, relax, and catch up, all at the same time. As long as you make a plan this is a great way to spend your Friday afternoon.

There’s No Reason Not To

This is the perfect excuse to clean your house and put something cute on. The middle of winter might not seem like the right time but it is. The summer is usually jam-packed with stuff to do but after the holidays there is usually a lull. Take advantage a throw an awesome party.