5 Shockingly Fun Workouts You Can Do With Your Significant Other

Everyday millions of people around the world are hitting the gym, going for a run, or doing yoga. So why not include your significant other in this experience? “The couple who works out together, stays together” may not be a guarantee of happily ever after, but it can’t hurt.

It turns out, there are a lot of great reasons to work out with your partner instead of going solo. Studies show that working out as a couple can increase the bond you feel with your significant other. While doing this simple act together you are participating in something called non-verbal matching, which causes you to feel more connected as a couple.

Sweating it out together also boosts your confidence. Getting healthier makes you feel better about yourself and your body, and your other half is sure to notice too.

Working out with someone is much more fun than going at it alone. Trying out some of these non-traditional exercises is sure to be more exciting then hopping on the treadmill, or lifting weights, especially when you are doing it with the one you love!

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Here are five exercises you can do with your partner to have fun, get fit, and up the game in your relationship.

Partner Push Ups

In this exercise, the partners do push ups facing each other, and then clap opposite hands before going back down each time. This one might take some time to get down, but the results will be worth it!

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Wheelbarrow Push Up With Squat

To complete this one, Partner A starts in a plank position, while Partner B grabs the ankles of Partner A and lifts them to waist level. Partner A then does push ups, while Partner B does squats. Be sure to switch positions so both partners get a full work out.

Image via Women’s Health

Plank Hold and Jump

During this move, Partner A stays in a forearm plank position. Partner B jumps from side to side over Partner A. Do this for 30 seconds, then switch positions. Be careful not to land on your partner though. Ouch!

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Partner Curls

Curling your partner is a lot more fun than using weights. Of course, you will need mega upper arm strength and a strong core to complete this one. We all need goals right?

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High Five Sit Up

Get your abs in shape with this fun move. Partners face each other, lock feet, and high five each time they “sit-up.” Everyone needs a high five now and then!

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Whether you are heading to the gym, or staying home to work out, consider including your significant other next time. You never know how it could benefit your relationship until you try.

For even more examples of partner exercises, watch this awesome video.