5 Things You Can Send To Someone You Hate

Has someone ever gotten under your skin so much you had the urge to ruin their day? Well, I have some ideas for you. With online sources, you can send someone pretty much anything through the mail these days. The only downside is you can’t see their reaction when they open it. I am sure they will vent on social media though! So grab a pen and take some notes people.

1. The Card That Never Ends

This product puts an incredibly annoying spin on the singing birthday cards. Once the card is opened it start singing, clapping, or crying and it doesn’t stop until the batteries run out…3 hours later! The only way to get it to stop before the death of the battery is to destroy it, and once the card is torn open the receiver get covered in the glitter waiting inside the card! Though of anyone that needs one of these cards yet?

Website: thecardthatneverends.com

Note: this website is no longer up, so we suggest this card instead, which is nearly exactly the same thing. Click on the image below to buy this hilarious card on Amazon.

things to send to people you hate

2. Mail A Spud

Sending one potato might not be annoying, but imagine sending tons of potatoes! Or just a potato every month! Get creative with it. This will definitely confuse the receiver, and it’s bound to make them question what in the world they have done to deserve potatoes in their mailbox!

Website: Mailaspud.com

3. I Poop You

IPoopYou is a professional poop delivery service. They have eco-friendly, farm-raised, and hand-picked poop that they will package and send right to your enemy’s door. They do all they dirty work for you. You also get to choose from a variety of animals like chickens, cows, goats, or for that special someone horses! The best part is they give you a tracking number so you will know when your poop parcel has been received, and you can stay 100% anonymous.

Website: Ipoopyou.com

4. Glitter Everywhere Envelope

I am sure we have all used glitter at least once in our lives, so you know the unforgiving mess those beautiful metallic particles can make. Well, this website has capitalized on just that. For only $5.99 you can ship anyone you want an envelope full of glitter. There’s a note inside just to make sure whoever receives it knows they are on someone’s sh*t list. Here is a great glitter bomb.

5. The Bird

Birdbymail will send your friend or foe a letter containing an image of a middle finger, and for an extra 99 cents, you can add glitter too! Everything’s better with glitter right? Imagine the look on their faces when they excitedly open that letter and their eyes meet with the middle finger. Imagine their utter shock, confusion, and disappointment!

Website: Birdbymail.com

Note: this website is also down, so may we suggest this lovely gift?

have a nice day middle finger mug

I have given you some pretty incredible options, so go now and ruin your enemies day! Ruin it like you’ve never been able to do before! Take these websites and be powerful!

Featured Image via Memesuper