11 Parents Who Publicly Shamed Their Kids

The internet has made embarrassing your kids much more enjoyable. Whether you’re a dad wearing a shirt that tells people you’re not constipated or a mom who likes to shame your son on Facebook, the world has become your audience.

As the following 11 pictures show, it appears as though parents will stop at nothing to humiliate their children in public. We especially feel bad for the daughter whose parents send her gifts on the anniversary of her conception.

You read that right.

1. Not So Great Dad

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Great dads don’t wear short shorts.

2. Breastfeeding Dad

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If only dad could produce a little milk.

3. That’s Not Google

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Learning how to Google should be Internet 101.

4. Thanks For Sharing

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We’ll sleep better now. Thanks.

5. TMI

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So many levels of ‘ew.’

6. Selfie Stick

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Selfie sticks are wrong. Dads with selfie sticks are ├╝ber wrong.

7. Mom’s On Fleek

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Nobody over 25 should say “fleek.”

8. Airing Your Dirty Laundry

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This one is actually well deserved.

9. Scarring Your Daughter

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A boundary has been crossed.

10. Nice Balloons, Mom

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Can someone please tell mom to rearrange those balloons?

11. Whoomp, There It Is

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Your mom has really good taste in music.

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Featured Image Source: Twentytwowords.