5 Unusual Hair Stylists You Have To See To Believe

When it comes to our hair, most of us are super picky about who we let do anything with it. Most of us have had a “bad hair” experience we won’t forget, whether it was the horrible haircut we received or the stylist that just left us wanting something more. Once you find a good stylist you never want to let them go, and you don’t trust anyone else to do the job correctly.

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I searched the internet recently after my wife had a nightmare experience at the hair salon. I was looking for stylists that people spoke highly of and stumbled across these outrageous stylists I wouldn’t mind visiting.

One of the stylists I found was Alberto Olmedo from Spain who cuts hair with Samurai swords, fire, and finger scissors. He feels this is the only appropriate way to cut hair evenly. “Mama didn’t raise no fool,” therefore I am not one to disagree with a man holding swords.

This caused me to look deeper into unusual hair stylists and I came across a hair stylist in New York that gives free haircuts to the homeless. This is an effort to boost morale and serve as an example. I found this both unusual and encouraging. This incredible guy could be earning a profit, but is serving others instead.

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In addition, there is the stylist that will use meditation while cutting hair with his eyes closed. Wisely this man offers absolutely no refunds.

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To harness his Karate training, another individual in Japan cuts hair while standing on his head. This started in an effort to attract customers and turned into a 16-year venture. How long can this continue? We will have to find out.

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I personally don’t know that I would venture to get a haircut with giant utensils. That seems more like a gimmick than anything to me.


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Nonetheless this goes to show you.



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