5 Weird Things That You Can Find (And Buy) On Etsy

Have you ever been on the weird part of Etsy? I certainly have, and it’s both humorous and fascinating. Etsy isn’t just vintage stuff and knitting projects – you can find a wide variety of items there, and exactly what you come across might be surprising. The following are 5 weird things that I came across on Etsy that might actually be worth buying. Feel free to check out the shops I’ve mentioned!

1. Creepy Miniature Creatures

Via Etsy

Have you ever heard of a Nubloom? Little Grimlings on Etsy has, and she’s telling the world about these strange creatures through her art. Countless Grimlings, Nublooms, and other specimens can be found on her Etsy page, in both wall mount and figurine form. There’s also this awesome yeti hat.

Check out the rest of her items here.

2. Recycled Pet Food Bags

Via Etsy

Here’s an interesting way to recycle; Rosemary Balazs takes old pet food bags and makes them into fashionable totes! Calling herself an “extreme recycler,” she’ll recycle pretty much anything, even taking special requests on her page. As if she weren’t generous enough, all of her profits go to charity. Isn’t that awesome?

Check out more of her items here.

3. Bad Origami Projects

Via Etsy

Can you guess what the above origami project is supposed to be?

If you guessed “seal,” you’re way too good at this. Terrible Origami on Etsy, as the name indicates, prides itself on its terrible origami figures. These aren’t your average origami, though – they’re so unique that their prices range from 70 to one million dollars.

If you’re able to afford it, feel free to check them out here. On a side note, the million dollar frog is actually pretty cute.

4. Guinea Pig Paintings

Via Etsy

If you love guinea pigs and have some money to burn, I’ve got the perfect store for you. When Guinea Pigs Fly is a store that specializes in oddly detailed paintings of guinea pigs, often depicted doing things that guinea pigs would not normally be seen doing. Ever wanted a small painting of a jedi guinea pig? Congratulations, your dream is now possible!

Check out these adorable guinea pig paintings here.

5. These… Works Of Art?

Via Etsy

I’m not quite sure where to begin with this one. Dadadreams seems to find delight in the bizarre and surreal, and expresses this in their collage artwork. We’ve got cyclops cats, a squid in a dress, whatever this is supposed to be… The list goes on and on. If you’re also a fan of the surreal, this shop just might be what you’re looking for.

Check out more artwork from Dadadreams here.

Featured image via Etsy