6 Discontinued McDonald’s Items – Do You Remember These?

We all know the McDonald’s menu, with favorites like the Big Mac, the Filet ‘O Fish, and let’s not forget the McNuggets, but have you heard of the McPizza? Yes, they really served pizza at one point! Wondering what else they used to serve? Keep reading!

McSalad Shakers

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That’s right – McDonald’s used to serve salads in these convenient little cups. These were pretty popular in the early 2000s, but they ended up being shelved for the McDonald’s salads we know today. What a shame, right? These would be way easier to eat while driving.


I’ve always wondered why McDonald’s doesn’t serve hot dogs. As it turns out, they did at one point! They just weren’t very well received for whatever reason. They’re still served in Japan, though. I guess Japan likes their hot dogs!

Hula Burger

A Big Mac with pineapple instead of meat? That’s right – McDonald’s wanted something that they could serve non-meat eating customers. As it turns out, the pineapple replacement didn’t work out so well, so this tropical burger was shelved in favor of the Filet ‘O Fish, which is one of my favorites to this day.



I had no idea that McDonald’s used to serve pizza! McDonald’s entered into the pizza business back in the 80s, but the McPizza began to vanish from menus in around 2000 because it took too long to make (by McDonald’s standards, anyway – it took about 11 minutes). However, the elusive McPizza is available in a few select locations. I really want to try some now.

Grilled Cheese Happy Meal

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I would’ve thought that a grilled cheese happy meal would be a hit, but I guess not. It was introduced in the early 2000s, but it was discontinued soon after… Or was it? Rumor has it that you can get a grilled cheese on the McDonald’s secret menu. I wonder if that’s true.

Onion Nuggets

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I’m not a big onion fan, but I’m sure someone could appreciate these. Seen in menus in the 70s, the Onion Nuggets were around before the invention of the McNugget, so you could say this was its ancestor. My guess is that these were shelved after McNuggets became way more popular. Don’t worry, Onion Nuggets. I’m sure someone loved you.

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Sources: Wikipedia and Oola