7 Urban Legends That Are Still Freaky AF

You heard them at sleepovers, shared them at campfires and gossiped about what really happened with your friends over and over.

In fact, if you anything like me, urban legends might have kept you awake a night or two, too afraid a clown was going to watch you sleep or making you double-checking the back of your seat when before you start the car… true or false, these classics from our childhood can still make everyone shiver.

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1. Humans can lick too.

One night, a young girl stays all alone with her dog. While watching a movie, an emergency broadcast interrupts to warn everyone about a maniac killer on the loose. Horrified, the girl locks all doors and windows and goes to bed at once. Hidden under the covers, she occasionally places her hand on the floor for her pup to lick her and make her feel safe. In the middle of the night, a dripping sound coming from the bathroom wakes her up, but her dog’s reassuring lick calms her down.  The next morning, when she goes into the bathroom, she finds her dog cut off and hanging in the shower with blood dripping. Written in blood on the wall reads: “Humans can lick too.”

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2. Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

Although there are many versions of who Mary really is, my favorite is the one about a young Mary who fell ill and into a deep coma. The doctor declared she was dead, and the family buried her in the family cemetery. After dreaming about Mary and thinking she could hear her scream, Mary’s mother convinced the family to dig up her grave. Mary was found dead, with her fingernails all bloody and the coffin full of scratches on the top from her efforts to escape the grave.

Rumor has it, you can summon the evil spirit of Bloody Mary by chanting her name three times in a row in front of a mirror, with one candle lit up. The revengeful ghost would then claw your eyes out, stab you, or pull you toward her, trapping you in the mirror.

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3. The perks of babysitting

This tale is about a babysitter who had put the children to bed, ready to watch television. As she cuddled up, the phone rings. She picks it up and a creepy voice asks her “to check the children.” She hangs up, but receives the same call every five minutes. Freaking out, she calls the police who trace the line and call her back “Get out. The calls are coming from inside the house.”

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4. Don’t wake the roommate

Supposedly, there were two college roommates, a party girl, and a bookworm. After several fights between them, the girl coming back from a party decides not to turn on the lights to not wake her roommate.  When she gets up in the morning, she finds her roommate slathered on the bed. Written in blood on the wall says “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

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5. The disturbing statue

Another teenage girl is babysitting two children one night while their parents go out for dinner. After putting them to sleep, she decides to watch some TV, but the creepy statue of a clown on the corner of the room staring at her is really disturbing. She tries to ignore it, but ends up calling the parents to ask if she can watch TV in another room because of the clown. The parents instruct her to get the kids, go to the neighbors’ house, and call the police… They didn’t have a clown statue.

The police caught a clown running later that night through the neighborhood. 

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6. Undead Paintings

On a dark night during spring break, a young man walked alone in the woods; although he tried to find his way back to the party, he got to too tired to keep looking. Soon he came across a cabin where he could rest for a while. As he walked in, he noticed how the walls were covered with creepy paintings of people watching and following him with their bright eyes. He was not in the mood to pay much attention, so he decided to ignored it and went right to sleep. In the morning, he realized the paintings were actually windows.

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7. You are not driving alone

Legend states that after having drinks with some pals, a woman hits the highway back home. The woman slows down as she notices a pair of headlights in her rearview mirror, as the car get closer and flashes its lights again. She tries to calm down and keep driving, faster. The car follows her home, constantly flashing its lights. As soon as she pulls to her house, she runs to the front door, followed by the man from the car following  her. The man told her that as he approached to switch lanes; he noticed the shadow of a man with a knife rising from the backseat to stab her. He was trying to save her.

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So, to be clear: never miss the party, don’t babysit and never wander alone at night.

Featured Image by Collin Armstrong via Unsplash