9 Of The Daintiest Dainty Things In The Whole Wide World

Oh, Buzzfeed, how we love you. No one and I mean NO ONE pulls together random groups of awesome as you do. Thank you. We’ve added a few of our own favorites.

1. A tiny Swarovski crystal bunny with gold ears.

12-23-2013 12-21-09 AM

2. Do you wish on a dandelion? What if you wore your wishes on a dainty chain around your neck?

12-23-2013 12-20-13 AM

3. The most fragile old lace.

12-23-2013 12-19-15 AM

4. The tiniest Little Dipper.

12-23-2013 12-18-14 AM

 5. The tiniest ring.

12-23-2013 12-17-28 AM

 6. Daisies at your fingertips all day long.

12-23-2013 12-17-02 AM

 7. Roses, lace, and pearls.

12-23-2013 12-16-33 AM

 8. The daintiest of hearts.

12-23-2013 12-15-49 AM

9. Tiny dancer.

12-23-2013 1-08-09 AM

For more daintiness, visit the original article at Buzzfeed.

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