9 Children’s Toys That Will Give You Nightmares

It is understandable that toymakers need to keep innovating to remain relevant, but some of the toys in the market just take things to another level. Those responsible for signing off on these bizarre toys probably need to change their careers. The whole idea of toys is to make kids enjoy playtime right? Well, this list of toys may actually leave some kids traumatized.

Roadkill Cat

Image Via: Reddit

This toy is nothing short of disturbing.  How anyone would find this appealing for children is simply incomprehensible.

Shave The Baby

Image Via: Imgur

This looks like something straight out of a Stephen King movie.  The Toy baby looks more like a caveman with all the body hair.

Baby’s First Baby

Image Via: World Wide Interweb

This is disturbing on many levels. Not only does the baby have a baby, but the baby’s baby is also pregnant. You’re probably getting a migraine trying to understand this madness.


Image Via: Facts of Today

Because normal Play-Doh is just too mainstream.

The Avenging Unicorn

Image Via: YouTube

What’s better than an angry unicorn that stabs people through the heart with its horn?

Lovely Strait Jacket

Image Via: Facts of Today

Is this what the toy-maker came up with to make time-outs more exciting?

Pee and Poo

Image Via:World Wide Interweb

Are excrement-themed plush toys becoming a thing?

Jar Jar Binks Tongue Pop

Image Via: YouTube

The tongue of this grotesque looking toy is actually a lollipop. Let’s just say it’s not a pretty site to see a child sucking on one of these.

E.T. Finger Light

Image Via: Heavy

It’s hard to understand how this toy made it from concept to production without anyone pointing out how obscure and suggestive it looks.