9 Scariest Images Ever Captured by Drones

Drone cameras are amazing pieces of technology. Some of the images captured with them can be breathtaking. These are the scariest images ever taken with a drone camera.

1. Tienman Mountain, China

Don’t look down!

Tienman Mountain

2. This ocean nightmare.

woman in ocean full of sharks

3. This daredevil.

The cliff is located in Denmark.

Man climbing cliff

4. Don’t Fall Off

This tennis court in Dubai is 1,000 feet in the air.

Dubai tennis court

5. Inside a Volcano

This is a scientist inside of a special suit studying an active volcano.

Scientist Studying Volcano

6. River of blood?

A man was flying his drone over his local river and noticed it was red. Apparently, a local slaughterhouse was dumping blood in the river.

Red river

7. This House Exploded

Someone was in this house when it exploded, and this drone caught the aftermath.

exploded house

8. This war-torn city.

This was once a beautiful thriving city. Now, it’s rubble thanks to the war in Syria.

war torn city

9. Inside a volcanic eruption.

No human could get this close to an erupting volcano in Iceland, but these drones can.

erupting volcano

All images via Social Media.