A Calgary Pilot Breaks The Rules To Fly A Plane Full Of Displaced Fort McMurray Animals To Shelter


You have most likely heard about the terrible news coming out of Fort McMurray. Nearly 90,000 were forced to flee as a massive wildfire energized itself on pine trees and spread across the entire area. The damage is so bad that the regional fire chief can’t remember what some of the structures in parts of Fort McMurray used to be. That’s how severe the damage is.

But this website is called, ‘Best Stuff Online‘ for a reason. We’re not going to focus on the worst stories coming from the wildfire. Instead, we’re going to tell you about pilot Keith Mann. He broke the rules and loaded his plane up with more than 40 animals, after they spent a few hellish nights just north of the destruction.


Typically, Suncor planes only allow a few animals on a plane per trip, and the rules make it clear they must be secured in a kennel. But sometimes you have to break the rules, and in this situation, Mann knew he couldn’t leave the pets behind.

“I just said, ‘No, let’s do this,’ everyone wanted to get out, so it didn’t matter. It was pretty quiet when we were up in the air. You could just tell everyone was so happy to be out of camp and on their way. We knew it was important for owners to re-connect with them.”

Mann has had an extremely busy week. In total, he’s flown “about 6,000 people from camps up north to Calgary and Edmonton,” and now he can add dozens of animals to the growing number.


He also revealed most of the animals became fast friends during the flight, but two dogs had to chill out in the bathroom for the safety of the rabbits and chinchillas.

Mann told reporters it was something he never thought he’d have to do, but he’s obviously glad he did it…

“It’s definitely one of those things you never imagine yourself doing. But I’m glad we did it.”

Featured image via: MetroNews