A Deer Farting in the Wild and It’s as Perfectly Elegant as You’d Imagine

Lend me just a few seconds of your time and I promise to make your day! Our short story for today involves none other than our favorite topic, farts. This deed has made many rooms break into laughter and many people walk in shame. Regardless, humans always seem to be invested in this uncontrollable wind of air. Whether it’s a silent whisper, a loud roar, an innocent odorless breeze, or a reeking bomb surprise, it never fails to catch the attention of many. In fact, a lot of people even love reading about farts for the sheer fun of it! No kidding!

With that, many smelly questions have been answered- thankfully. But did you know that farting varies from one creature to another? Turns out, some animals don’t fart at all! And interestingly, parrots don’t let out air through their butts but some just love imitating its hilarious explosive sound. Yet those aren’t the real stars for today. What I have in store for you is perhaps the most majestic fart you’ll ever see for the rest of the year. Be sure to give it your full attention, though, as the video only lasts for ten good seconds! So, you better make it count.

Straight in the middle of a lush forest, a deer was just going about its business. The beautiful creature was peacefully snacking on some fresh leaves of a tree. But then, something abrupt interrupted its tranquillity. Was it a hunter? A predator nearby? Impending danger? No! It’s none other than the animal’s very own fart! It was quick and full of might. And you know it’s a serious one! As soon as the deer felt the urge to let the bad air out, it knew right away that full commitment was needed. So, our star farter immediately put its whole body into it and even arched its back, busting out a forceful yet relieving fart. It was unbelievably funny and elegant!

See for yourself and watch the short video below:

What a wonderful sound of nature! I sure am equally entertained and grossed out!