A Man Turned His House Into a Cat Wonderland and Cat Lovers Are Obsessed

Don’t you want a house that you and your beloved feline can both live harmoniously? A home that your purr babies can frolic while you peacefully read your favorite book. What if I tell you that a home like this exists?

The “cat wonderland” is built by a home builder named Peter Cohen to keep his 15 rescue cats occupied. The house is filled with well-thought constructed catwalks, tunnels, platforms, and perches. It seems like the house is specifically designed for cats. However, this “cat lover nirvana” did not just happen overnight. According to Peter, when he bought the house in 1988, it came with two outdoor cats. Tragically, one of them got killed by a car, and then the remaining cat also got hit by a car that made her undergo reconstructive surgery, which made her an indoor cat. To make sure that the cat will not feel lonely, especially while she’s recovering, Peter went to a shelter and adopted a couple of cats. And this started the “purr-ty.”

Every year they will rescue another kitten from a shelter as far south as San Diego to as far north as San Francisco. Over time, they realize that it seems like the cats are the house owners, and they are just living with them. This thought pushed them to build the upgrades that their house badly needs. The first-ever catwalk that Peter Cohen built last 1995 was just a simple and ordinary catwalk that served its purpose. However, as years passed and more cats were added to their growing “purr-mily” they started to integrate the cat fixtures to their homes.

They started playing with the architectural design and colors of the catwalks, they now have spiral catwalks, arched bridges, and tunnels on the entire house that are all connected. Then, they also started adding playful designs to their masterpiece like a “shark head that has real teeth”, that are not only fun to look at but also scratch the backs of their cats, it is no wonder that it became one of the favorite spots of their beloved purr babies.
If you still cannot believe that this “cat nirvana” really exists, then watch the video below and be mesmerized by the beauty of Peter Cohen’s unique and cozy home.

Nowadays, Peter added seven rescue cats to his incredible heartwarming home, and he is now selling catwalks to raise money to fight kitty FIP. Let’s support him and help one of our favorite creatures in the world.