A Math Teacher Dresses Up in the Weirdest Costume Ever to Teach Class

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world were forced to adjust and face the ‘new normal’. Along with these adjustments are the major change in the education field. Schools started teaching their students online, which means that the children are at home while they study. That naturally results in kids losing their focus faster and being distracted more.

With this, teachers are faced with a challenge to keep their students’ attention while effectively helping them retain information and new learnings in every lesson. For the same reason, creative teachers have been thinking of unique ways to keep the attention of their students while they conduct their lessons.

One particular teacher who made an awesome effort to entertain the kids instantly went viral when one of her colleagues posted her video on social media. In the video, teacher Ashlee Shelton can be seen dancing and teaching the students while donning a baby shark costume.

Her fellow teacher Hannah Roddy walked by her neighbor teacher’s room and caught her dancing and using her arms making the shark go “chomp chomp” to teach her children about “greater than”, “less than”, and “equal” signs. Hannah’s post went viral and reached 19.3 million views. Clearly, Hannah saying that Ashlee is a teacher of the year has been approved by the public.

After her colleague’s post garnered more than 18 million views, Ashlee posted her own thank you with her still on the now-famous shark costume bidding thanks to those who watched. She also offered her gratitude to those who are supporting educators.

“Thank you for the 18 million views and for supporting educators,”

Watch the amazing video that Hannah posted below:

Here is the video that Ashlee posted:

Truly, our teachers are some of the unsung heroes that are often neglected. What they do to ensure our children learn amidst this pandemic is beyond remarkable.