After Her Job Interview, the Boss Watched Her Reaction as She Left the Building

I have to be honest. Finding a good job amid a pandemic is tough. You are bombarded with new levels of stress and exhaustion as you face a new challenge to survive. It can be overwhelming. Yet many people continue to thrive and do their best to keep moving forward. And while the process may be rough, reaping the fruits of your hard work becomes just one of the best feelings on Earth. As to this young lady, she couldn’t hold her glee and excitement that she busted out a celebratory dance in the streets!

It all started when manager Dakara Spence hired a woman for a job in The Spot Sports Bar and Grill in Georgia, USA. A few moments later, as she glanced at the restaurant’s CCTV monitor, Dakara has seen the applicant do something really delightful that immediately caught her attention. The woman confidently went out the door and stopped a bit at the handicapped parking space. She looked around to check if she’s alone before letting out a triumphant dance for her feat! She then quickly composed herself and walked off as if nothing happened. It’s too heartwarming and wholesome!

Dakara shared the clip on Instagram with a caption, “So I just hired this young girl and this was her response.” And it quickly became a viral hit, with more than a million views in just a couple of days! Soon enough, the video has caught the attention of the successful candidate herself, Kay. Under the username @Kalaxxyy_, she wrote in reply, “Lmaoo! I Had To Do It!” And that she thought nobody saw her little performance. She also called Dakara a “blessing” and shared how she does these “stupid little dances everywhere, every day.”

Watch the wonderful video below that’s full of gratitude and positivity, it’ll surely make you smile.

Imagine a world where everyone is this happy and thankful for a job opportunity. Surely, Dakara wouldn’t regret hiring this woman. She’s passionate and she definitely enjoys the little things!