Baby Elephant Takes Its First Steps

Seeing your baby take their very first step is monumental. You cannot contain your delight once you see them starting to drag their tiny feet and attempt to create small steps. You will, for sure, grab your phone or camera to document this great achievement. The timeline of the baby’s first step is different for everybody. Some will achieve their first step before their first birthday, while some will walk once they are a year older or more.

However, that is not the case for other mammals. Other baby mammals can make their first step in the first hour that they are born; one is an elephant calf. Calves can stand on their own after just a couple of minutes of their birth. Meanwhile, they can already walk steadily in an hour or two after their birth.


Why am I sharing this with you? Well, I found an adorable and inspiring video of a newborn elephant attempting its very first walk. In the viral video, an infant elephant is standing wobbly while cutely swirling its trunk. Then gradually, the calf tried its very first step. Its first-ever attempt resulted in the baby elephant to fall into the ground, trunk first, although the determined and strong-willed calf did not let its first vain attempt to hinder in achieving its goal. Within seconds, it stands again and prepares for another try, which still fails. But the other fail attempt did not discourage the baby elephant, who stands again quickly preparing to make another effort. And I know this time it will be successful.


Watching this moment of the baby elephant trying its hardest to walk is so adorable and inspiring:

This video proves to us a lesson that we must not give up, and it is okay to fail as long as we are doing our hardest to move forward to achieve our goals.