Bill Nye Did A TikTok Video To Show Masks Work and It Went Viral

The scientific community is certain. Wearing a face mask in public can stop the spread of COVID-19. The debate surrounding it on Twitter is just astounding. Trump supporters and other right-wingers are arguing that masks don’t work and the pandemic is not that bad.

Even President Trump was even seen wearing a mask in public for the first time. It’s sad that it took him this long. The twitter debate on masks is raging.

Here is Stephen King pointing out that masks were used to stop the spread of the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic.

Here is a soldier pointing out that if he can wear full body armor and a gas mask in the desert, then you can wear a mask to Walmart.

Many anti-maskers are having rallies and sharing tweets like these:

The anti-maskers are spreading false rhetoric and anti-science propaganda.

Our favorite “science guy” Bill Nye did his own experiment on TikTok to show that masks work and it went viral.

He shows how different types of mask work at blocking air by attempting to blow out a candle with different types of masks. He explained that these masks keep particles from his respiratory system from getting into your respiratory system, which should be a basic concept.

Here is part 1 of the Tik Tok:


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♬ original sound – billnye

Here is part 2 of the TikTok:


#WearAMask #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner

♬ original sound – billnye

Scientist and science advocate Bill Nye is best known for his show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in the 1990s teaching kids about basic scientific concepts.

Bill Nye with a mask

In his later years, he has still kept advocating for science, especially evolution and climate change. He had a science show for adults on Netflix called “Bill Nye Saves the World.” It ran for 12 episodes and showed him doing various science demonstrations for a more grown-up audience.

He also did a viral video explaining climate change a few years ago. (Language warning)

Additionally, he famously debated the point of evolution with creationist Ken Ham at the Creation Musem in Kentucky several years ago.

Featured Image: TikTok.