Bizarre Pepsi Flavors You Never Knew Existed

Pepsi is a brand known all over the world as a well-loved cola beverage. They’re also known as the brand that’s always jostling with Coca-Cola for dominance over the soft drink market. For this very reason, Pepsi has come up with strategies to introduce strange and different flavors all over the world.

Most of the Pepsi flavors found here are only found in specific countries, or were only made available for a limited time in several places.

1.Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Available in Japan, this flavor was artificially created to mimic the refreshing taste of cold cucumbers that the Japanese traditionally munch on a hot summer’s day.

via Hideya Hamano @ Flickr

2. Pepsi Fire and Ice

Mainly sold in Mexico and Southeast Asia, these two Pepsi flavors were marketed together. Pepsi Fire had a cinnamon infused spiced flavor while Pepsi Ice had a cooling menthol sensation.

via Fire Wire

3. Crystal Pepsi

Imagine a Pepsi without its signature dark brown color. This coloring free version of Pepsi caters to those who are rather health conscious.

via Wikimedia Commons

4. Pepsi Cappucino

If you fancy a double dose of caffeine, both from the cola and the coffee flavors, then this one’s for you.

via Drikkekultur

5. Pepsi Gold

Promoted during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, this beverage wasn’t a cola per se, but a sports drink with an infusion of ginger.

via Logopedia

6. Pepsi RAW

Also called Pepsi Natural, this healthier version of the drink is said to be made only from all natural ingredients with no artificial flavors. Basically, a hipster’s dream.

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7. Pepsi White

Japan seems to be the land with many strange Pepsi flavors, and this one is no different. It’s Pepsi. with a milky yogurt twist.

via Suntory

8. Pepsi Blue Hawaii

Released in Japan in 2008, this one is a pineapple and lemon infused drink with a refreshing blue hue reminiscent of tropical beaches.

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9. Pepsi Shiso

Shiso is a type of leaf used by the Japanese to garnish things like Sashimi and Wagashi (traditional rice cake desserts). It has a distinct smell that’s a little like peppermint, which this Pepsi tries to recreate.

via Mike’s Blender

10. Pepsi Mont Blanc

Based on the Italian dessert of the same name, this Pepsi blends the taste of whipped cream and chestnuts.

via Michael John Grist

Well, aren’t you just dying to try some of these outrageous flavors? They’ll definitely be a welcome change to the monotonous dark Pepsi we usually see on the supermarket shelves.

Featured image by Mike Mozart via Flickr/CC By 2.0