Bobcat Makes Insanely Long Jump Over Water Look Effortless

Bobcats are one of the cutest felines in the wild. They are twice the size of a house cat and have a short, stubby tail that appears to be “bobbed” hence the name. All feline lovers would probably be starstruck at the first sight of them as these cats look just like a larger and fluffier cousin of our pets only that they’re not as domesticated. They are fierce hunters who are ready to defend themselves once threatened. They’re not essentially known to hurt humans but they can take down bigger animals like deer by stalking them patiently and ambushing them in one precise pounce.

These wildcats are also excellent swimmers and climbers. And with a sharp vision, great hearing, and sensitive nose, they can easily live and adapt in different habitats like swamplands, wooded areas, and semi-desert. As a hugely solitary and territorial creature, they’re known to be a master of stealth and concealment. That’s why they are rare to spot in broad daylight. So, people got surprised when an individual was able to take a video of it in Pecan Island, Louisiana, USA.  He said to have seen it while fishing and just couldn’t help himself but capture the moment.


“We were just out fishing for blue crab in Pecan Island, LA and this huge bobcat came out across the weir. I grabbed my phone thinking he was about to get wet, but he surprised us all,” he explained. Instead of getting wet, the wild feline gave them a sweet treat- a glimpse of their species’ amazing agility. It started to compose itself and then gracefully traveled mid-air, reaching the other side in a swift! These athletic felines can jump several meters far hence why it was able to leap over water effortlessly. Still, it’s a fascinating sight to behold!


Watch the video below and admire (or even envy) this beautiful cat move from one pole to another with such confidence and ease.

No one’s sure why the bobcat is there but many think that it’s probably hunting nearby and is just trying to cross the bridge. What a beautiful and perfect time to go fishing!