Brave Pit Bull Saves Owner From Three Armed Home Invaders


As the owner of a pit bull mix pet, I can tell you that they are some of the most affectionate and loving dogs in the world. They are also extremely protective of their human family.

A perfect example of this would be Blue, who is owned by Aubrey Christopher. One evening, Christopher heard a loud noise in his Kansas City home. His pit bull, Blue, jumped up from his bed and went to investigate, finding three armed intruders attempting to break in.

The intruders saw Blue and one of them commented:

Open the door a little bit more. I’m going to shoot him in the face.

In the meantime, Aubrey grabbed his gun and ran towards the front door. The intruders were gone, but he was shocked to see Blue on the floor, bleeding. In their attempt to kill the poor pit bull, the bad guys had punctured his lungs and stabbed him in the jaw.

Neighbors helped Aubrey rush Blue to the veterinary hospital, where the injured dog underwent surgery and managed to survive the attack.

Aubrey Christoper told a local TV station that he is so thankful for Blue:

If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here.