But Is The Snake OK?

Our pets are meant to bring us joy. They sit by our sides and give us their unconditional love. We may expect some surprises from time to time, but we certainly do not expect them to hurt us. Now, most people have dogs, cats, or other fairly harmless animals. However, others, like Ashley Glawe from Portland, Oregon, choose exotic pets, like snakes. As a result, she exposed herself to different problems.

Indeed, a major problem arrived in this case. Ashley’s snake, named Bart, crawled into her ear gauge before she could do anything about it. The ball python got stuck in there and Ashley had no other option but to rush to a hospital. Ashley’s ear was ultimately freed, and so was Bart. Now, she’ll think twice before placing the snake beside her. The photo has gone viral and both Ashley and “Bart the Snake” will have to share the fame for some time.

The article by The Telegraph provides further details on the story. You can also check Ashley’s newly created Facebook page titled BART “The Curious Ball Python”.


Via Facebook

Featured image via Facebook