Cats Vs. Cucumbers (Don’t Try This At Home, Folks)

As we’ve recently discovered, cats seem to be deathly afraid of cucumbers. Reactions range from having a stare down with the vegetable to see if it’s going to make the first move to jumping several feet in the air, knocking over food and water bowls just to get away. Why is this?

Most human pranksters place the cucumber behind the cat while it’s eating, leaving the unsuspecting feline startled when he turns around to find that the cucumber has “sneaked up” on him. It’s also suggested that the cucumber is perceived as a snake, which can be a deadly predator.

Although the reaction of the cats is hilarious, jumping up and bumping into things to get away from the cucumber could potentially injure the cat, not to mention cause him a great deal of stress. There are enough videos out there to watch a cat’s reaction to cucumbers, so be kind to your kitty and don’t try this at home!


Featured Image via NerdAlert.