Check Out This Hat You Can Knit With Just Your Fingers

If you’re intimidated by the prospect of learning to knit (or if you consider yourself uncoordinated), then check out finger knitting. If you’re a child or teen of the 90s, it might remind you of those nylon loops people used to use to make bracelets. It’s super-easy to learn, and you can make some fun stuff with it.

Here are some basics:

And here’s a great step-by-step on how to make an adorable hat:

All you need is a few balls of yarn!

Finger knitting works best when the yarn is doubled up (two strands at once) or when it’s super thick. Some people use shredded fabric, which is also a great way to re-use discarded clothing and help the environment. This hat project is particularly good for learning not only how to do basic finger knitting, but also how to use the cords to weave something more elaborate.

It’s also a great project for children. In fact, since children have skinnier fingers than adults, they will naturally get a better gauge —┬ámeaning the project will be more tightly knit.

Finger knitting is a super-simple yarn craft you can do relax and you might get a warm, snuggly hat at the end!

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video