5 Hobbies You Can Do While Still Avoiding People

We currently live in a strange world that makes it a little challenging to do things with friends. And, let’s face it, sometimes you don’t want to be around people anyhow.

There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, but even introverts need to spice things up a bit. But, what do you do with yourself that can be fun and rewarding while keeping you busy?

Well, we have your back with this list. For bonus points, we will point out which hobbies are easy to do cheaply for the frugal among us!

1. Painting

If you’re anything like me, you remember painting in school and being terrible at it! However, after a few years, it might be something you want to try again. Check out this starter kit that gets you everything you need for a reasonable price.

2. Gardening

Gardening Dirty Hands

Are you less artsy and more down and dirty? Well, try out gardening! You don’t even have to worry about growing food if you start by growing pretty flowers. It’s cheap and easy to get started, too!

3. Learn to Cook


Let’s face it, cooking and cleaning up after cooking doesn’t always sound like fun. However, it might just be the time to learn how to make your favorite dishes or desserts.

4. Try Fiber Arts

Knitting Rainbow Bike Hobby

There are so many different types of fiber arts out there, and some of them cost very little to try out. You can try out a cross stitch kit, or even start knitting blankets. It’s not just for grandmas anymore!

5. Photography

If you have more money in your hands, photography might be the way to go. With online classes and learning how to process images, you will have plenty to do.

There is certainly more than we have listed here, but we hope this gets you started on a new hobby to keep you entertained and learning. Who knows, you could find a new skill that could even make you money!

Featured Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay