Cops Try to Break Dancing Mob off but Then Breaks It Down

Police officers are given the impression of being strong, empathic, brave, and of course, heroic. They are expected by society to be always on a serious note. They are expected highly in regards to protecting the community. It is not a usual event seeing police officers as professionals being silly, funny, or even dancing on a mob. Yes, police officers jiving with a dancing flash mob. Have you seen one? Well, you can probably find two in a mall in Miami, Florida. A video won the hearts of netizens when two policemen who at first glance seem trying to disperse a group of dancers performing in the mall.

With the police presence in the event, watchers on the side booed the two believing that the officers are bound to break the group. But the police officers proved them wrong, even gave them a better show. On the other hand, the dancers who are as well thinking that they are about to be sent away by the police turn out challenged by the latter. The two officers took away the worry of the performers and quickly started showing off their dance moves. They dance along with the beat as if really part of the mob. The event surprised the crowd bigtime!

The video draws more than a million views and was shared on different social media platforms. A total viral video indeed! Also, it is such a great joy to see uniformed police officers having fun and giving out good vibes for a holiday. The two Aventura officers are Manny Gonzalez and Chris Gatti. The viral routine is from the outstanding efforts of Sean Green, and his group called Sean’s Dance Factory, an award-winning team from the West Palm Beach. The collaboration with the Aventura police and Sean’s Dance Factory all the more adds up to make the mall a destination not just for the locals but to tourists.

Police officers are human beings too. They may be professional by day, but they can also be funny, artist, dancer, or hobbyist at night and their off-work days. To send you some good vibes, watch the viral video clip below:

The event happened in a mall in Aventura on December 18, 2018. It may be an old video, but for sure, it will always be gold and worth to watch.