Cut Off Your Man Bun For A Free Drink? These Places Have Some Really Odd Giveaways!

For every business owner, it is a challenge to come up with a unique marketing strategy in order to convince people to try your product or visit your shop. Some ideas work, some don’t, some are common so they don’t work, and some are just outrageously out of this world and weird so it gets the attention that the establishment is after.

1. Will you cut off your man bun for a full bottle of booze?

A Brooklyn bar hopes to make the man bun a thing of the past. To do this, they offered men with top bun a full bottle of booze if they cut off their bun.

2. Will you eat in this restaurant who offers free food to beautiful people?

A panel of local plastic surgeons serve as judges in the most judgmental restaurant in central China. In this restaurant, the 50 most beautiful guests are given free meals, but they have to be judged by tummy-tucking and plastic surgery experts. They have to go to a “beauty identification area” and are photographed. Would you risk being insulted just for a free meal? I won’t, I’d rather pay for my meal.

3. Impersonate and be in character to get discounts of free meal.

A family-style restaurant in Burbank, California, Not A Burger Stand is owning their marketing strategy. They have a chalkboard and they announce who the customers have to impersonate for them to get discounts or free food. Just imagine the free entertainment they get for the other customers, plus the influx of people who want to try.

4. Will you get a life-size burger tattoo just to get free burgers for life?

In Australia, free burgers for life is being given away by Cafe 51, but only if you get a burger tattoo. But, it’s not just any burger tattoo, it has to be life-size and it has to pass the application process. So far, only one person has been approved while there are still 3,000 applicants. This made me wonder though, don’t you shorten your life by eating burgers everyday? So they do not actually give you free burger for your whole normal lifetime, they shorten your lifespan and give you free burgers for every day of that shortened period. OK.

5. Get free meals if you are over 350 pounds.

Here’s another restaurant who is happy to see you die, better if you die because of a heart attack. Thus, their name. The Heart Attack Grill has a medical theme and have waitresses that are dressed in skimpy nurses’ outfits. Customers are called patients and are given hospital gowns to wear over their clothes. People who are over 350 pounds are given free meals┬áhere.

H/T: Oddee

Image via Oddee.