Cute Animal Twitter ‘War’ – It Doesn’t Get Better Than This, Folks

The cute animal battle on Twitter all started when the Washington, D.C., National Zoo posted the first picture of their four-day-old gray seal.

It was innocent enough until @SarahJanetHill, a Norfolk, Va., woman, decided to stir the pot. With a simple tweet, Sarah started a knockout cuteness brawl between zoos all over.

Well as you probably guess Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach accepted this challenge in an epic way.

@NationalZoo didn’t let this adorableness stop there… they brought out their endangered Bornean orangutan infant!!

I know what you’re thinking,”HOW could this Twitter battle possibly get any better?” I love being the bearer of awesome news folks. It does indeed get even cuter!

My best guess is that Sarah was looking for a cuteness overload because what she did next was ingenious! With her next tweet, she challenged even more zoos and aquariums.

To our delight, most of them joined the challenge.

In the end, I believe the real winner everyone that got to enjoy all of these adorable animals.

H/T USA Today

Featured Image via Twitter