Cute Cat Video To Warm A Cool November Morning


There is no better way to warm up on a cool, chill morning than to sit around watching a cute cat video or two while sipping a hot mug of frothy French vanilla cappuccino. Today my time is being spent watching these silly cats trying to catch fish swimming in a pond. Mind you, the ponds are frozen and no fish were harmed in the making of these videos.

In the video above, posted on the Kyoot Animals YouTube channel, a black and white mixed breed cat chases koi that are swimming under a layer of ice in a backyard pond. The cool kitty periodically jumps up onto the slate edging, presumably to warm its cold paws?

In the second video, a grey tabby mix named Misty gleefully chases koi under the watchful eyes of a Buddha statue. The original video was posted by Candace Longstaff where it is described as her cat chasing fish on their pond in January 2009. Thank you Candace, for sharing your adorable pet with us.

We should mention that koi are perfectly capable of surviving a winter in a partially frozen pond. They get nourishment from algae, plants oxygenate the water, and their bodies are able to slow their metabolic rate during periods of cold.



Featured image is a screen grab from video.