Cuteness Overload! Baby Panda Bei Bei Takes His First Steps At The National Zoo

Bei Bei is the newest addition to the National Zoo, and since he’s a baby panda, you can imagine just how many people want to know how he’s doing.

He’s doing great, and this video shows him taking his first baby steps just a few days ago.

Bei Bei is the remaining panda twin from August’s much-anticipated births on August 22nd. His name means “precious treasure” in Mandarin Chinese — and just look at him! He is most certainly a precious treasure.

In the video clip, you’ll notice that Bei Bei struggles to take his first steps as mom Mei Xiang watches. His steps are a little wobbly, a little unsure, but you know he’ll be bounding about in no time.

Then, when baby Bei Bei falls over, Mom scoops him up into a giant bear hug! Could they possibly be any more adorable or any cuter?