David Bowie Starred In An Insane Horror Movie In 1967

David Bowie was an iconic and legendary musician that spanned several genres and generations. From new wave to pop – he was synonymous with creating great music that truly captured the allure and essence of modern rock. I mean – who can ever forget his larger than life theatrical performances like Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars? Whether you loved “Modern Love” or “Let’s Dance”, it’s with a heavy heart that we all fondly remember Bowie – who recently left this world for the stars.

Bowie was also known to test the boundaries of creativity and ingenuity. In fact, he was part of a very exclusive and small club of rock stars – that successfully made the transition to the silver screen. While he donned several musical and character guises over the years, it was The Image back in 1967 that really showcased his skills as a versatile and complex actor.

Bowie starred in this short horror flick the same year he released his first self-entitled album. While most fans never saw this first film undertaking – the flick grew in popularity over the years. So much so that it is now considered a cult classic among die-hard Bowie fans. What really drew the masses to this film is that is received and X rating. According to director Michael Armstrong, the movie received this rating “for its violence, which in itself was extraordinary.”

While Bowie disavowed his first self-entitled album, not much is known about whether he welcomed the movie or not. We do know from interviews with The Wall Street Journal and Metro.co.uk that Bowie found this film “hilarious.” With the film resurfacing on the Internet after so many years, it is your turn to play Siskel and Ebert.

Here is the 14 minute surreal horror film that propelled David Bowie into the early world of independent film. This rarity is a must for anyone that appreciated – or continues to appreciate the immense body of this work this beloved star offered the world. Enjoy.


Screengrab via: Youtube