Dolphins Swarm to the Glass When They Hear Violinist Playing for Them

Every person has their favorite music, there is something about music that affects all of us. Sad music can bring us to tears, romantic music brings warmth to our hearts while happy and upbeat music brings us to our feet. All of us have our preferred genre, some love pop music, some are crazy about EDM’s, some prefer loud metal music while others love the serene effect of classical music. I, myself cannot live without it. I love listening to music whenever I’m working, traveling, or just plain bored. We cannot deny that music plays a significant part in our daily lives.

It might be the reason why the video featuring a female violinist playing the song How Far I’ll Go by Auli’i Cravalho in the Aquarium of Genoa, which is notably the largest aquarium in Italy, became viral. But once you see the whole video you will realize that is not the case.


In the video seen by millions, the talented violinist skillfully played the hit Disney song in front of the dolphins that were listening attentively. During the performance, the intelligent sea creatures casually swam away from the violinist. Not much later, a scene that looks like it came from a Disney movie unfolded.

The audience who were just there to view underwater animals and watch the violinist’s performance witnessed something that they did not anticipate and will remain on their mind forever. Out of nowhere, the brilliant dolphins showed their incredible talent by dancing harmoniously with the beautiful melody which seems like they were doing a whimsical play. Nobody expected that they would be witnessing a beautiful impromptu dolphin ballet that day.


This video that was also uploaded on Facebook already garnered 33 million views, 501K reactions, and 53K comments. Many commenters were so amazed by the brilliance exhibited by the dolphins, they were even requesting for a copy of the whole performance. Some even commented that they look like professional underwater synchronized swimmers or underwater ballerinas.

You can witness the magical performance yourself by watching the video below:

Isn’t it amazing how dolphins were able to “read” the lyrics and gracefully dance to it?

Images via Facebook video screengrab