Donations Pour as Fleetwood Mac Posted a Streamer’s Mac-Inspired Bliss on His Socials

If you’ve been anywhere near to any social media platform this past weekend, you’ve probably seen this chill clip of a man clad in a grey sweatshirt at least once. The delightful video shows the said guy coasting through a highway atop his skateboard as he took a big gulp from a bottle of cranberry juice. All the while, he was lip-syncing along to the track of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” And it was pure bliss! Naturally, the clip has broken the internet with everyone saying how it’s such a vibe, consequently catapulting the laidback skater to fame.

The man in question is Nathan Apodaca. He’s a Mexican and Northern Arapaho dad who was actually labeled as Tío TikTok due to obvious reasons. He first posted the Mac-inspired blissful verbiage on the app under the username 420doggface208. This has then caught the attention of Twitter user @DrewFrogger who couldn’t help but share the clip on his feed. One thing led to another and it was only a matter of time until it reached the band, Fleetwood Mac, themselves! And, guess what, they loved it! Along with the band’s heartwarming seal of approval, donations from generous fans poured in too!

Now, Nathan has received thousands of dollars of which he said he’ll use for his transportation and housing needs. The inspirational figure also didn’t forget to give a commendable chunk to his beloved mother. “Right now, I’ve gotten over 10,000 plus,” he said. “It’s crazy. I don’t know how many donations are gonna keep coming in but, like I said, it’s a blessing in itself. I wanna give my mom a little bit, for sure. So right now I know I’m gonna give her $5,000.” What a man! He also made sure to express his gratitude for all the “love and support.”

Watch the video below and have a great day!

The positivity is too contagious! It’s so simple and nice- just the perfect combination of what we all needed during this trying time.