Dying Woman Creates Dating Profile For Her Husband

Imagine this: your last child has just left for college, the empty-nest syndrome has officially set in, and a pain in your side rushes you and your loved one to the hospital. Test results come back, and the appendix that you thought was choosing the most inopportune time to rupture is really blooming ovarian cancer.


Many women would cry. They would cry, and deny, and maybe find a room to scream. Instead, this woman takes to the internet to do the one thing that no one would have ever expected anyone to do: she offered up details of her husband so that she could make sure he was taken care of after she was gone.

It’s like that Golden Girls episode “Old Boyfriends,” where Sophia Petrillo dates a dying woman’s husband. She’s concerned that he will not be taken care of when she’s gone, and we all end up choking out sobs at the end of the episode when the couple embraces after realizing they still have time to spend with one another.

Photo courtesy of YouTube.

The reminiscent perfume from that episode was left lingering in my nose after reading this article, so here is what I will say: there is a man out there that can cook, mesmerize you with his hazel eyes, tower you with his 5-foot-10-inch stature, make you melt with his sharp dressing, and has an affinity for live music. He has an affinity for small things (such as tasting forks and little jars) and he paints. He is a man who has been dedicated to his wife for two and a half decades.

And he is walking his wife through a cancer diagnosis.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a man I can get behind. A man who is loyal, goofy, striking, and artistic. A man who is handy, strong, and good in a kitchen.

It sounds like you, Amy Rosenthal, have married a real-life prince.

From a woman going through a divorce to a woman battling for her life, cling to him. Life changes in a fraction of a millisecond, and we never know when anyone is going to be ripped from our grasp. Hold onto him every second that you can. Allow him to reassure you that everything is going to be alright.

That he is going to be alright.

And, God forbid, should the worst happen, let this be of whatever tiny drop of solace it can be: he will be alright because you will never actually leave. He will see you in the eyes of your children, and he will hear you in their laughter and their squeals. And then, whenever their smiles that look dashingly like yours light up on their faces, he will know you are still taking care of him.

Through your children.

God speed, Amy Rosenthal, and may your dating profile for your husband be unnecessary.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.