Ever Wanted to Be Stuck in Your Car in a Zombie Apocalypse? This Carwash Is for You

With Halloween just around the corner, lots and lots of businesses are thinking of a way to gain more customers and of course, to give them the adequate scare that comes along with the season. However, because of the pandemic, haunted house and horror event production company Kowagarasetai–aka the “the Scaredy Squad” knows that having a traditional horror house with people getting cramped inside the venue is out of the question.

This is where the idea of a zombie apocalypse while being stuck inside the car came to mind. “With the virus, I knew there would be no way we could have a traditional haunted house, with all that screaming in a small confined space,” founder Kenta Iwana told CNN Travel. “When I read that drive-through theaters were making a comeback, it was my ‘aha’ moment.”

The experience costs $75 with an add on $9 option if you want it to be “extra-bloody”. Are you wondering what to expect? You drive into the darkness of a covered downtown parking garage and expect to wail and howl as blood lashes the windows, haunted zombies scratch at the doors, and terrifying ghouls rock the car. There’s nothing to worry about though because, after the ride, your car will be treated to a well-deserved car wash.

If you have ever wondered how it is like being in a zombie apocalypse and being stuck inside a car while chaos ensues around you and while zombies and other types of scary creatures are trying to get to you, then this pop-up in Japan is perfect for you. If you don’t have $75 to spare for this amazing feat or if you leave far away from it, then the next best thing would be to watch the experience below. Sit back and enjoy the ride (and be thankful you are in the comfort of your home).

Which part is your favorite?