Family Gives Dog His Own Step Stool So He Can Chat With His Friends

Dogs are social and pack animals, that’s why forming a bond with another dog comes naturally to them. But some of them are selective on who they want to connect with and will show signs if they are happy with a mate. Playful behavior will be exhibited for some dogs if they feel comfortable with the company of another.

That’s why maybe when they found other dogs to their liking, they will try all ways and means to communicate with it. A few months ago, two Great Danes, Vito, and Bambino found a new playmate Giuseppe a chocolate lab, but the newfound friend is across the wall between them and the neighbor’s yard. The new friend’s arrival is an exciting chance for the Danes, but it is such a struggle to see and greet each other.

It is not a big bother for Vito and Bambino to peek over the walls because of their towering height. But for Giuseppe, who was not gifted with great height, he tried several times to jump as high as could to greet his friends but to no avail. Robert Carnes, Giuseppe’s dad, finally thought of the stool to solve the canines dilemma. And through the stool, Giuseppe, with his little feet fully extended and his tail wagging happily, can take a peek over the fence to have eye to eye with his Dane friends.

Because of Vito’s blossoming intimacy, Bambino and Giuseppe, a new rapport, also developed between their parents. They got to know each other that they started taking walks together with their pups. No more wall divides them, but a friendship that can flourish in time.

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