Family’s Cat Dies, Group Text Goes Hilariously Nuts

Have you ever had a pet of yours die? Do you remember how painful it is and how the emotions are like a roller coaster and how you can’t even seem to think straight?

Well, that happened to Eric Schmidt’s family as they were messaged one day by their dad, saying that their 7-year-old pastel Calico, Kitty (yes, I know, Kitty the cat is the most creative name you can ever give a, well.. cat, right?) has passed.

Of course, everyone was pretty shaken about it. Kitty was a family cat and pets are family.

It’s Not The End Of It

Just when they thought they can go on and live their life the post-kitty way, another text from dad came.

When asked about it, Eric’s mom, Cheryl Schmidt, said:

“I came home about 30-45 minutes after the burial, so I was still pretty emotional and trying to start dinner, and my husband goes, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this, but we buried the wrong cat.'”

It’s Still Not The End

In the most amusing way possible, dad texted again with another twist in the story.

Have you recovered from the rollercoaster of emotions this family brought us? Well, the mom requested not to tell anyone but, naturally, the son does anyway.

So, there you go. A happy ending for everybody… except for the rabbit, I guess.

Image via Pixabay