Figure Skater Performs Powerful Routine to Beyonce’s ‘If I Were a Boy’

One of my favorite songs is by the “not so well-known” artist named Beyonce. You know the girl who became a part of the popular group Destiny’s Child, who also sang Single Ladies, who is currently married to Jay-Z and who is the most nominated female in Grammys. Well, she was the one who recorded the song “If I were a boy”. The song that depicts men’s typical actions that usually end up hurting the women they love and the women’s wish to feel love and respect from their men. It is one of the best breakup anthems in history and the chosen song of Kiira Korpi on her European Figure Skating Championship performance.

Kiira Linda Katriina Korpi is a Finnish figure skater who won multiple figure skating competitions. She realized her love for ice skating at the very young age of 5. At the age of 15, she finished in 19th place in the World Junior Championships, made her first-ever debut in Junior Grand Prix, and took a bronze medal in a competition held in Poland. At the age of 16, she already got her first-ever gold medal in JGP Germany. These records clearly show how brilliantly talented and skilled Kiira is.


It might also be the reason why in 2010 she was the chosen figure skater to represent her country Finland in the annual European Figure Skating Championships. In the video uploaded on Youtube, Kiira who wore a bedazzled police uniform started her performance with a suave and cool attitude. Then she showcased her well-choreographed moves that impressed the audience and judges. The mid part of the performance she took off the bedazzled costume revealing a beautiful little black dress underneath. She then continuously provided the audience with her amazing glides and incredible jumps.


On one of her jumps, she had an accidental fall which she handled with so much grace and elegance. This earned her applause and admiration from the audience and the netizens as well. After the elegant fall, she finished her incredible performance by the most beautiful and well-executed spin that I’ve ever seen.

You can watch Kiira’s amazing figure skating performance below:

I love how she effortlessly continued her performance with so much grace it’s like it never even happened.